Students can look very fully when they are in distant education mode.

What Are The Best Practices For Distance Education?

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Schools and Businesses alike must now incorporate distance learning if they are going to keep up with today's high paced information exchange

Does Distance Education Programs Really Work?

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Best Practices using Virtual Reality is Important.

What Are The VR Best Practices?

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Best Practices with Virtual Reality

Utilizing VR Best Practices

With research now emphasizing the importance of student-centered activities, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) teachers are tasked with finding engaging and impactful lessons and activities that will make students excited to learn more about STEM concepts. One way is to integrate new technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR). … Read More

An Opportunity for Special Populations

An Opportunity for Special Populations

One of my favorite things I enjoy during the school year is the opportunity to do is to visit the special populations students. When I visit them, I see them preparing the lunches in our kitchen. The instructor stands quietly … Read More