In this blog, readers will learn about the 5 tools for distance learning regardless of the system.

6 Fantastic Tools for Any Distance Learning System

In the last several weeks, I’ve been posting multiple blogs on distance learning, and today we will discuss the 5 useful tools that can be utilized for any instructor or student regardless of the distance learning system.  Should this be … Read More

Students can look very fully when they are in distant education mode.

What Are The Best Practices For Distance Education?

Today’s blog – What are the Best Practices of Distance Education (learning) is a two-part blog that will help readers to answer does distance education actually work and how we can make learning for the user a success. This week’s … Read More

A little girl just experienced her first Virtual Reality Lesson

What Should VR Look Like In A Classroom?

This blog: What Should VR Look Like In A Classroom? is the final blog in a three blog series on Upscaling A Science Lesson by using virtual reality in the classroom which provides readers what aspects to consider when thinking about purchasing VR. The … Read More

Aaron's blogs reflects the genius ofSteve Job's and Apple.

Apple’s Steve Jobs Was A Genius

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was a genius. 60 Minutes featured an episode named “Inside Apple” where they described everything from Steve Jobs’ vision to how they create their future products. CEO Tim Cook was interviewed in the show and described … Read More