Blank Check

Blank Check: What If You Were
Asked to Help Reinvent Public Schools?

Blank Check is Aaron L Smith 's new book.
A Young Adult Novel

Inspiring young adults to reimagine public education, Blank Check is a novel about young people and a generation that is prepared to step in and re-engineer public education.

A fictional tale grounded in pure reality. Blank Check, an intriguing, inspirational Young Adult novel, that takes place on a fictional U.S. island. 


After serving his country as an Army Ranger, high school principal Josiah Rollins quits in disgust over the broken educational system he can no longer serve. Little does he know this impulsive act would lead him to an unbelievable opportunity to change everything and serve his country and students in the way he had always dreamed. Inspired and funded by a now billionaire war buddy, Josiah tests his educational theories in a place with low standards and poor student performance: the American Caribbean Islands.

The mission is simple: give teachers autonomy and freedom to teach and provide the community the power to make schools the center of their community. But many on the Island are not happy about the project, nor do they trust the white man selling them new ideas. Within Blank Check, learn how Josiah wins over the people and the students, transforming the community and the economy into the American Dream.


“Dr. Aaron Smith has crafted an excellent, fast-paced narrative for Young Adult reading, a book which takes the reader through the action-packed journey of high school senior Colby Holloway as he helps guide a transformation of the whole idea of public schools in America.

Readers will be inspired by observing the transformation in action around the question, ‘if you had a blank check, what would you do differently to transform public schools?’ This narrative gives young readers an inspirational opportunity to view critical thinking in action and empathize with the struggles of public education.”

Bud provides praise about Aaron L. Smith on Blank Check
Bud Ramey
Author of six books on American culture, Co-Author Trusted Healers

Check out Aaron’s other book: Awakening Your STEM School if you are serious about making your school into an elite STEM Center.

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