Awakening Your STEM School

Awakening Your STEM School

Innovate STEM into Learning Management Systems Platform

“Every educator and business leader in America knows that STEM is vital, and that this is where we need to go. Awakening Your STEM School offers us a guide for business leaders and educators how how to get there together.”

-      Josh Cramer, Senior Educational Programs, Officer,   SME- Society of Manufacturing Engineers

“Teachers and administrators can use this book as a guide to develop and implement other innovative approaches to enhance STEM learning in their school, community and state.”

- Dr. Roger A. Hathaway, Special STEM Programs Manager, NASA

Dr. Aaron Smith, the director of a pioneering STEM public school, answers the question, “How can educators transform an ordinary STEM site into an inspired, premiere learning center?”

This book provides a proven framework for teachers, administrators, and business partners offering forty-two actions and ideas with over 300 tips to transformation regardless of which Learning Management Systems you use.

Dr. Smith’s passionate approach is simple and focused; prepared just for teachers, principals, and business leaders who are daily cobbling together their STEM school, seeking inspiration and valuable suggestions. No matter where a school or program is in the advancement toward STEM education, the catalyst for transformation is already there – residing in the heart of the teachers and leadership. 

Here resides a guide for community and business leaders on how to become involved at a meaningful level to make sure employers can recruit capable and prepared students. Here school leaders can become inspired to embed the skill sets needed in the 21st century workplace.

It’s highly recommended that you buy this book if you are serious about learning more about the importance of STEM in your school and how much of an impact will make in your local economy.  From engagement in the classroom to the evolution of new career opportunities, this book will transform an ordinary school into an elite STEM center.


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Teachers still struggle to integrate STEM into their curricula, much less their Learning Management Systems.


So why not get help from someone who can help make the transformation easy and simple.



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