Aaron L. Smith

Aaron L. Smith

Innovating Workforce Development Through STEM

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Modernizing STEM and Workforce in COVID Times
Creating a Hybrid Employe
Preparing the Workforce of the Future
Closing the Skills Gap
Upscaling the Existing Workforce
Optimizing Autonomous Learning

Meet Aaron L. Smith

STEM Innovator Speaker, Founder of Workplace Readiness Solutions, Top 50 Excellence In Education

Dr. Aaron L. Smith is the innovative founder and CEO of Workplace Readiness Solutions, a Hampton Roads-based organization specializing in transforming corporate training and leadership.  A leading authority in STEM and workforce development, a Fortune 100 global speaker, an Amazon Best Selling Author, and advocated for reforming education as we know it with clients in over 25 cities, 4 countries, and 2 continents.  Aaron’s work includes being an educator at multiple levels.

He has presented for Verizon, Primerica, Hult Prize Leadership, STEAMEx, Virginia’s Joint Commission of Technology & Science, Virginia Department of Aviation, the National Career Pathways Network, and the National Career Clusters Institute. Author of 3 books, a dissertation, and been featured in well-known media outlets such as Market Watch, the Virginia Economic Review, and Front Runners.

His main key points cover:

  1. Micro learning In The Career to Career Continuum
  2. STEM Development and Implementation For Better Profitability
  3. Mastering the Essential Skills for Tomorrow’s Workplace
  4. Leveraging Technology to Scale Mastery

Aaron’s vision is to provide children across the world where they can receive STEM education as if they are C-Suite executives.

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Books by Aaron L. Smith, Ph.D.

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Awakening Your STEM School written by Aaron L. Smith


Here's the new cover to the Study Guide Blank Check that's written by Aaron L. Smith


Blank Check is Aaron L Smith 's new book.


Aaron L. Smith

Inspiring young adults to reimagine public education, Blank Check is a novel about young people and a generation that is prepared to step in and re-engineer public education.

A fictional tale grounded in pure reality. Blank Check, an intriguing, inspirational Young Adult novel, that takes place on a fictional U.S. island. 

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Aaron Smith

STEM Innovator bridging skills, workforce development and professional development.

Featured in over 30 publications and has presented at many conferences and workshops in 3 continents.

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Aaron L. Smith

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