Blank Check is Aaron L Smith 's new book.

There’s a new young adult book coming out that gives hope for academia across the world. It takes on a different approach how to reinvent the education system.

Blank Check takes place on the fictional island of St. Andrews, where a troubled teen teams with a burnt-out principal on a daring education experiment. 

Because there are so many interpretations that the reader could pull out, I wanted to discuss today three critical areas that our society must understand that still resonates in our youth.

This Young Adult Book Brings Three Key Areas Readers Must Know

Books have a trove of information, and like the others, Blank Check has many messages to the readers. I want to focus on three primary areas.

1. The Main Character overcomes a significant crisis.

Colby is in his sophomore year of college. You’ll see he endures a lot but is surrounded by his family and close friends who are relentless.  They emphasize with his struggles and allow him to persevere in helping become an invaluable leader.

2. Young Adults must be involved in major decisions.

Not only should our teenagers understand what major events taking place, but they must also involve themselves in the decision making process.

When our youth becomes active participants, they understand the whole picture, and they now can make well-informed decisions that result in positive and sustainable changes for everyone.

3. We must have students involved in decisions in education and not an afterthought.

Let’s be honest for a moment – most education systems across the world are far from perfect. They lack in so many ways it and hinders the true potential of our children.

One of the biggest reasons we have failed our children is due to us, as a society, not having them at the table enthusiastically participating in the process of creating standards for education.

When companies conduct consumer testing, they bring in customers to sample and evaluate the products.  This information goes back to where the product undergoes changes or comes to market.

I bring this up because it’s time to ask ourselves when was the last time students were involved when it comes to schools?

I’m not talking about the Student Council Association (SCA) or Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), but conversations that affect teaching, learning, and culture.

When you don’t, they are less inclined to participate.

Wouldn’t you feel the same way if decisions were made without your input?

Final Thoughts

First and foremost, I am not pointing the finger at anyone, any party, or any country. Instead, I want us to stand together and commit to making the quality of education better for our educators and our children.

The thought behind Blank Check is to bring awareness, and the only way we will do that is to change the way we view education.

This Young Adult Book will not only change the way you view education, but it will help show you it does take a village to raise a child.

You are invited to go to the Blank Check website for more information.  You can even download the first Chapter, Teach. Or you could go to Amazon and order your copy.

Either way, our children need you, our educators need you and our society needs you.  Make a difference and get involved because when we do, we will be one step closer to giving our children the quality of life they deserve and the chance to have the skill sets they need to enjoy a productive and meaningful career.


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