Blank Check is Aaron L Smith 's new book.

New Young Adult Book Debuts With Focus on Education

There’s a new young adult book coming out that gives hope for academia across the world. It takes on a different approach how to reinvent the education system. Blank Check takes place on the fictional island of St. Andrews, where … Read More

In this blog, readers will learn about the 5 tools for distance learning regardless of the system.

6 Fantastic Tools for Any Distance Learning System

In the last several weeks, I’ve been posting multiple blogs on distance learning, and today we will discuss the 5 useful tools that can be utilized for any instructor or student regardless of the distance learning system.  Should this be … Read More

Aaron Smith discusses in this blog the essential engagements skills every employee needs to be productive in their jobs.

What are the Top Engagement Skills Every Employee Must Have?

Recently, I was thinking about the essential skills that all employees should have, when it dawned on me that the best employees possess excellent engagement skills. For decades now, CEO’s have stressed that their corporations need highly qualified and skilled … Read More

Everyone should be interested in learning how to innovate workforce development in schools.

Can We Innovate Workforce Development In High School?

This question – can we innovate workforce development in high school has been on my mind for quite some time. The better question is why aren’t we doing a better job at it. Everyone in business and education wants to … Read More

It's so important to students and employees that teachers or trainers embed the skills into the curriculum

Prepare the Future Workforce For Distance Learning

Prepare the future workforce with distance learning. It’s becoming a very important conversation while the Coronavirus (C0VID-19) has stopped humanity in its tracks. It’s all hands on deck.   Thank goodness heroes are already on the frontline! Thankfully there are heroes everywhere stepping … Read More

Students can look very fully when they are in distant education mode.

What Are The Best Practices For Distance Education?

Today’s blog – What are the Best Practices of Distance Education (learning) is a two-part blog that will help readers to answer does distance education actually work and how we can make learning for the user a success. This week’s … Read More

Schools and Businesses alike must now incorporate distance learning if they are going to keep up with today's high paced information exchange

Does Distance Education Programs Really Work?

Today’s blog – Does Distance Education Programs Really Work is a two-part blog that will help readers to answer this critical question. Next week’s blog is a continuation that will shed some insight on how to make distance education better … Read More

Drones are the next wave of economic development

Drones Are The Next Generation For Economic Development

Updated December 30, 2020 One of my favorite things to do is go to the beach at Nags Head, NC and relax by Mile Post 11. Sitting with my SPF 70, beach chair and towel laid out, I soak in … Read More

An Opportunity for Special Populations

An Opportunity for Special Populations

One of my favorite things I enjoy during the school year is the opportunity to do is to visit the special populations students. When I visit them, I see them preparing the lunches in our kitchen. The instructor stands quietly … Read More