Teachers should be evaluated on whether their students are listening during distance learning

Ways to Evaluate Teachers In A Distance Learning Era

Evaluating Teachers -Schools are opening up, and unlike the typical hustle, where teachers build routines and classes understand their expectations, students and teachers are adapting to the new normal when it comes to distance learning. Distance learning continues to dominate … Read More

Distance Learning will take shape across the world in September 2020 when the new school year begins.

6 Tips for Distance Learning That Will Help Parents

Ready or not, it’s back to school time. In years past, the flurry of educators buzzing in August showed their hard work in the classroom. Sadly, efforts must now show on a screen. That’s right; we’re preparing for Distance Learning … Read More

Solutions by the management better have the right answers for everyone. Otherwise it could spell disaster.

Using Management By Solutions for Education

 What if we used a Management By Solutions approach to solve education related issues? Would it work? You’d be surprised at how easy the process can be from start to finish. COVID continues to wreak havoc on the world, especially … Read More

This is how we felt like using online learning when we went back to school.

Ready To Go Back To School Online?

Amidst the current pandemic, we find ourselves asking the question: “are we going back to school online?” The truth of the matter is no one knows at this time. With so much uncertainty about COVID-19, school districts and government officials … Read More

There are times when we question our student's ability to use the platforms we provide lessons to them. When it comes to digital learning, we can raise their skills in this area.

4 Areas to Upgrade Digital Learning

How we have conducted digital learning has changed significantly. Within these past several months, it’s been a whirlwind where one could lose their mind quickly.  From being Zoomed out to inundating professional developments, people have realized that distance learning is … Read More

Think we all have felt like this when it comes to our online lives and education.

Building Teacher & Student Relationships Thru Distance Learning

Unless a teacher takes great effort in building a relationship with every student they teach, distance learning won’t matter one bit. “It just doesn’t feel like I’m in a class,” says one student. Recognizing they do not want to hurt … Read More

Life after distance learning will be challenging at times for teachers.

Strengthen Special Education Accommodations For Distance Learning

Special Education students are one group of students who suffer the most in distance learning. Although accommodations are provided, there remains a significant disconnect between student learning and the teacher’s plan. I am not placing the blame on teachers. Instead, … Read More

Let's face it - we feel like this from time to time with distance learning

What Job Skills Can Students Develop For Work Through Distance Learning?

This week’s blog answers the question of what job skills can be developed for work through distance learning.  It continues some of my other blogs such as identifying the best practices for distance learning. The image I chose reminds me … Read More

In this blog, readers will learn about the 5 tools for distance learning regardless of the system.

6 Fantastic Tools for Any Distance Learning System

In the last several weeks, I’ve been posting multiple blogs on distance learning, and today we will discuss the 5 useful tools that can be utilized for any instructor or student regardless of the distance learning system.  Should this be … Read More

It's so important to students and employees that teachers or trainers embed the skills into the curriculum

Prepare the Future Workforce For Distance Learning

Prepare the future workforce with distance learning. It’s becoming a very important conversation while the Coronavirus (C0VID-19) has stopped humanity in its tracks. It’s all hands on deck.   Thank goodness heroes are already on the frontline! Thankfully there are heroes everywhere stepping … Read More