Aaron L. Smith, Ph.D. E-portfolio

This e-Portfolio contains some of the work
Aaron has compiled over the years

Making Instructional Design Better So You Optimize Learning

click on the three tabs and watch the notes change. 

Product Development

 The video hooks the audience into buying the 
Go Go Bird while explaining that STEAM lessons accompany the kit.
Upon purchasing the kit, students will visit a website and download the lessons. 


I wrote a blog on the importance of understanding and having both empathy and self-care.  This was used to help entice the reader to learn more.


This was a quick promo video I did to recruit students into Aviation Academy.

Building Out Courses

Development & Production

My first virtual course

The trailer that you see to the left was my first e-course.  It’s called Advanced Learning Strategies That Boost Academic Performance where it provides insight on how learning has changed from in-person to virtual.
In this course, users develop their own virtual tool kit that they could apply those tools to any assignment. Ten lessons accompany video, handouts, downloadable templates for users to access.

Author of Three Books

Awakening Your STEM School written by Aaron L. Smith
Awakening Your STEM School providers a roadmap from changing their school to an elite STEM Center.
Blank Check portrays a fictional approach with a burnt-out principal and a troubled teenager who go out and redefine education thanks to a Blank Check.
It helps to spark the discussion, what if we could reinvent public schools. 
Blank Check is Aaron L Smith 's new book.
Here's the new cover to the Study Guide Blank Check that's written by Aaron L. Smith
Study Guide for Blank Check provides innovative activities for students that develop critical thinking.
In this study guide, students use websites to develop projects that tie back into components such as literary terms or reading comprehension.

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