You know we all do the same thing when stuck in traffic.

Make a call, reply to a text and flip through social media.

Growing restless, I zone out because there was no momentum.

Feeling like education has lost its momentum, I replayed a meeting I sat in on with my peers. Our superintendent told us these words. “We must manage the present while building the future. What are you doing today in both areas that are moving the needle?”

Her strategic message hits home now more than ever.

That’s why I love to look for inspiration, and thankfully, I received one in a WhatsApp chat.

Joty Paparello interviewed MicroStrategy CEO and Founder Michael Saylor on how to take advantage of these chaotic times. His insight sparked my imagination to challenge the status quo, so our work fuels opportunities that boost a company’s profitability and increases its employees’ quality of life.

Taking pen to paper, words flowed like a stream downhill.

CEOs recognize that great corporations focus on three key components that drive a customer’s experience:

  • Ideas
  • Processes
  • Strategies

When all three components are appropriately utilized, they create value and opportunity, leading to a better ROI.

Each three of these components involve training and education for personnel.

However, it’s just more than that – the training and education must evoke imagination, collaboration, and thought-provoking sessions where it sets aggressive but achievable goals. 

Providing vanilla-flavored workshops and training from PowerPoint lectures spell out a recipe for disaster.

Rest assured that there won’t be any high engagement or productivity should one decide to bake those ingredients together.

Every Corporate Training should incubate 6 Facets of Corporate Training Continuum where they include technology that actives are scaling, making it quicker to achieve results while serving as the future model. 

Corporate Training Must Include These Components For Every Job

To be successful in training people in the corporate world, consider these 6 facets

These 6 Facets detail more than just the necessary Soft Skills, Hard Skills, and Critical Thinking.

They embed critical skills by raising awareness of themselves, providing them the platform to express ideas, develop strategies, and create processes that augment an education continuum.

The best part of it emerges once everyone has completed their training with a focused approach with a better sense of awareness of the company’s needs and their clients.

When this happens, you’ve started a journey that manages today while it builds tomorrow’s vision.

So the choice is yours.

Invest for the future in Corporate Training or remain stagnant with a flatline in revenue.

Make it a great day or not; the choice is yours.


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