Finding digital graphic organizers has never been easier!

3 Ways To Stay Focused At Work

Trying to stay focused, I dive into a pile of papers on my desk of possibilities…. 4 causes of Zoom Fatigue and their fixes – Nah 23 Minutes to Recover From a Distraction at Work? Holy cow! Unable to refrain … Read More

Facets That Corporate Training Must Include In Every Job

You know we all do the same thing when stuck in traffic. Make a call, reply to a text and flip through social media. Growing restless, I zone out because there was no momentum. Feeling like education has lost its … Read More

Engaged Students are what educators are taught to have.

The Four Components Of A Highly Engaged and Productive Student

Educators know that the importance of having a highly engaged student, whether they learn online or in-person.  It tells a teacher whether their classes can understand Key concepts or if additional time is needed to revisit the lesson. But I … Read More

One of the great digital notebooks is ReadWrite

What Are 3 Easy and Useful Digital Graphic Organizers?

Graphic Organizers can really bring a new year of hope by helping you set up new goals and dreams. Some may want to do better financially, while others may want to be better with their organization. If you are one … Read More

One of the great digital notebooks is Sketch Notes

4 Amazing Digital Notebooks To Use In 2021

In this blog, we’ll discuss using a digital notebook and four of them to use in 2021 that will make it easier for students, to become more prepared to learn in a virtual world. Why consider A Digital Notebook? You’ll … Read More

Remote Learning can help steam learning

What are 6 Ways In Which STEAM Helps Remote Learning Courses?

2020 continues to be brutal to teachers, students, and parents, especially those who need help teaching STEAM in remote learning courses. Some may wonder how we can teach STEAM in Remote Learning. Well – with a little imagination, nothing is … Read More

Remote working tools greatly aid in one's work.

What Are 10 Essential Remote Worker Tools to Assist Steller Employees?

Fast Company wrote on the 5 Essential Skills to Show You’re a Standout Remote Worker, and I couldn’t help myself but realize there are tools out there that can advance her preintimation. Using her five points, let’s add tools to help … Read More

Erin's blog - Be a Politician

Be a True Politician

John Rawls wrote an astounding book on politics in 1971. In A Theory of Justice, Mr. Rawls put forward a revolutionary thought experiment as the basis for the best political structure possible. He postulated that if you imagined that you … Read More

Note taking means more than copy it down

4 Effective Note Taking Components For Students

We know that no two people learn the same way, nor should we make them conduct note taking their peers’ exact way. That’s why I felt compelled to spend some time discussing how to properly do note taking regardless of … Read More

Using a few self care tips will help to reduce anxiety and stress.

5 Self Care Tips To Maintain Your Sanity In COVID Times

It seems like we’re all exhausted now more than ever as educators’ responsibilities have increased due to COVID 19. Your Zooming for hours a day. You are creating multiple formats of lesson plans for hybrid learning and total distance learning. … Read More